Will I ever lose access to my programs?
As long as you remain a member, you will have ongoing access to all programs that have been previously unlocked. Programs never expire or disappear from your account once they are made available. Occasionally, to continue to provide excellent and timely video content, Seminar of the Month will make more recent seminars available by reordering existing seminars. This reordering may remove a seminar from your current listing but a newer replacement seminar will always be added in its place.
What if my membership expires because my payment method was not able to be authorized?
If your membership expires, you’ll permanently lose access to all programs accumulated to date. If we are unable to collect your monthly due using your current payment information, we will notify you via email, and give you ample time update your payment method. Once your payment has been made, access to all of your seminars will return.
Do I need to have fast internet?
All seminars are available in three different video speeds, covering both Flash and Quicktime formats, so no matter how fast or slow your internet connection, you’ll be able to view the programs with ease. In addition, you’ll have access to note taking guides, as well as the audio only version for on-the-go enjoyment.
Why is the video freezing/choppy or out of sync with the audio?
Seminar of the Month offers all videos at three different video speeds. The higher speeds provide greater video resolution but also requires a faster internet connection in order to view smoothly. We recommend testing all 3 speeds to determine which works best for you. If the video seems jumpy, try clicking the pause button for 30 seconds, then click play again. If you have slower internet connection, but still want to view the video at a higher quality, you can start the program, immediately click the pause button, and then come back an hour or two later to watch the program. There is a gray progress bar at the bottom of each video screen that shows how much of the program has been loaded. Be sure not to close that window until you have finished viewing that segment, or you will need to load the video again from the beginning.
How long is each program?
Seminars range from just under an hour to just over two hours, and are always divided into at least two parts. This makes it easy to break into shorter viewing sessions, if time is an issue. See individual program descriptions for the exact running times.
Can I get them on DVD in addition to online?
As a member of Seminar of the Month you’ll be able to purchase the DVD versions of any program, direct from Seminars on DVD, for only $39.95 per seminar (regularly $89.95). Pick and choose the ones you want from the entire collection. Purchase additional DVDs anytime you like.
Is there a contract?
We don’t believe in locking anyone in. You are free to cancel your membership anytime you like, with no penalties or fees. Please note that if you cancel, you will permanently lose access to all programs you have accumulated to date.