Nate Booth
For over thirty years, speaker, author and corporate consultant, Dr. Nate Booth has successfully coached hundreds of thousands of people in the art of thriving in times of rapid change. Dr. Booth received his DDS degree from the University of Nebraska in 1971. In 1983, he earned a Master's Degree in counseling from the same university. Nate worked closely with Anthony Robbins in the development and delivery of corporate training programs for over ten years. Dr. Booth has presented more than 2,000 seminars, workshops and training programs to corporations and associations around the world, including Arthur Andersen, AT&T, Century 21, Eastman Kodak, Honeywell, IBM, Inc. Magazine, Kraft Foods, MCI, Marriott, Midwest Gas Association, Mobil Oil, NASA, National Auto Dealers Association, Norwest Bank, Prudential Insurance, Sanyo, Saturn Corporation, and Specialty Advertising Association. Dr. Booth is the author of the books, Thriving on Change: The Art of Using Change to Your Advantage and The Diamond Touch: How to Get What You Want by Giving Others What They Uniquely Desire. He is the creator to the Nightingale-Conant audiotape program.
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